About Us

Who We Are

Since 1891 O’Fallon Fire has been providing protection to the citizens of O’Fallon and the surrounding areas including the Village of Shiloh and the rural areas of the O’Fallon, Shiloh Valley, Caseyville, and St. Clair Townships. We are an ISO Class 3 rated agency and provide exceptional fire and rescue services through a combination of full time and volunteer personnel. In addition to our Fire Chief, we have 4 other full time employees. The majority of our fire suppression and rescue services are provided by 45 highly trained and dedicated volunteers distributed across 4 stations throughout our 44 square mile district.

Taking Care of Those Who Depend on Us

We’re proud to support the community with a variety of services including smoke alarm installation for the elderly and fire extinguisher training. We believe education is the cornerstone of fire prevention and spend multiple months throughout autumn visiting schools to teach kids about the importance of fire safety. We extend our fire prevention message beyond school aged children through 3 nights of open house the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of fire prevention week every October.

Our Mission

O’Fallon Fire Rescue is organized to provide a highly trained, rapid response fire rescue service to meet the needs of the residents of one of the fastest growing areas in southern Illinois.

Engine Houses

Because we’re comprised of mostly volunteers, our firehouses are not staffed 24 x 7.
General questions can be directed to Fire Headquarters between 8:00am – 4:30pm. 




We invite you to explore the variety of fire apparatus we use to protect the citizens of our fire district, including four engines, a heavy rescue squad, two aerials, two brush trucks, a tender/tanker and several support vehicles. We’re also proud of our two antique trucks, a 1930 Chevy and a 1949 Mack.

A Special Thanks To:

Dennis Maag from Fire Apparatus Journals for the photos of our apparatus.


We utilize a variety of additional vehicles to provide excellent service to our citizens. In addition to “fire trucks” we utilize the below vehicles in various capacities including initial response and evaluation of the incident, support at large incidents, officer coverage, duty assignments, daily operations and firefighter rehab.


Active Firefighters

Kevin Bachesta Doug Barron Stephen Bayak
Patrick Berens Terry Bowman, Jr. Nikki Brantley
Jeff Burrow Jason Bruns, Lieutenant / Safety Officer Tim Claxton, Captain
Nick Clum Eric Dickson Steve Donahue, Captain
RJ Fechtler Nick Fensom Bradley Fischer
Ray Flaiz Bill Graboske John Grimm Jr.
Robert Gulliver Dane Harrel Erick Harris, Deputy Chief
Frank Hautly Tommy Henry (Honorary) Troy Henson
Brandon Holt Mike Howk, Jr. Doug Hubbard
Scott Hubbard Ryan Hynes Dan Lindow
Pete MacLaughlin Chelsie McWhorter, Lieutenant Ryan McWhorter
Chase Meek Dan Mersinger John Nichols
Dillon Ostendorf Frank Ratay Craig Schmidt, Assistant Chief
Frank Shewmaker, Captain Mike Shewmaker Rob Shewmaker
Odell Smith Jeff Talley Riley Weaver
Brad White, Chief Jon Williams, Lieutenant Dave Willmont
Jaydon York


Chief Brad White (4300) Deputy Chief Erick Harris (4301) Assistant Chief Craig Schmidt (4302)
Captain Frank Shewmaker (4303) Captain Steve Donahue (4304) Captain Tim Claxton (4305)
Lieutenant / Safety Officer Jason Bruns (4306) Lieutenant Jon Williams (4307) Lieutenant Chelsie McWhorter (4308)
Lieutenant (Vacant) 4309

Support & Administration

Vacant, Fire Educator & Inspector Jennifer Valentine, Administrative Assistant Scott Adkins, Chaplain

O’Fallon Volunteer Fire Company Board

Chelsie McWhorter, President Doug Hubbard, Secretary Scott Hubbard, Treasurer
Rob Shewmaker, Vice President Shelby Saunders, Assistant Secretary Jenny Valentine, Assistant Treasurer
Larry Mank, Trustee Terry Bowman, Trustee Pete Maclaughlin, Trustee

Retired Firefighters

Jerry Brewer – Deputy Chief Brian Butler – Engineer Vic Eskra – Firefighter
Rod Hamilton – Engineer Bill Henry – Chief Mike Henry – Firefighter
Don Henson – Engineer James Hertzler – Firefighter Wes Kern – Lieutenant
Mike Kombrink – Firefighter Ben Kroesen – Captain John Kolb – Captain
Tom Lampe – Firefighter Ron May – Firefighter Shawn Miller – Captain
Jeff Mersinger – Engineer Othmar Mersinger – Captain Scott Munie – Safety Officer
Kent Rhines – Captain Galyn Rushing – Deputy Chief Joe Rushing – Lieutenant
Brent Saunders – Chief Curt Schildknecht – Firefighter Bob Schmidt – Lieutenant
Rich Sheedy – Firefighter John Sissom – Firefighter Gary Stein – Deputy Chief
Ken Weaver – Lieutenant Mike Wakefield – Engineer Ralph Wottowa – Captain