December 2020 – Huge shout out to Craig Schmidt this month for his 35 years of dedicated service to our department and community!

Craig began his career with the O’Fallon Volunteer Fire Department in December 1985. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1997 and rose quickly by accepting the role of Captain in 2002 then elected Assistant Chief in 2004. Craig also holds his place in our history for being O’Fallon Fire’s first full time employee. He set his mark in history when he accepted the position as the department’s mechanic in 2002. At that point, all members were volunteer / paid per call. No positions were considered part time much less full time. As the responsibilities increased, that position eventually evolved to the Operations Supervisor in 2015 which is what Craig currently holds today.

We all know that it takes a team / village for a successful operation. However, it is those exceptional members that make things work really well. Craig is one of those. As part of his daily duties, Craig ensures our apparatus and equipment are in the very best condition possible by ensuring everything is inspected, maintained, and repaired as necessary. His talents and skill set have been instrumental on every piece of apparatus as he has served on our apparatus committee during the entire design/build process for all of our current fleet as well as many of our previous pieces. His dedicated research and amazing attention to detail ensures the process going as smooth as it typically does for the department. As the early riser of the department, Craig is always first to the station daily. However, you could find Craig at the station any given time of the day or week as he is consistently one of our top responders. His emergency response knowledge and abilities excel within his position of Assistant Chief. Above and beyond is always the case with Craig.

Craig Schmidt is the epitome of a devoted volunteer, public servant and employee. His allegiance is admirable to say the least. His unwavering commitment to our community and fire district for 35 years is proof of that!